2011 Polar Challenge

Polar Challenge gives competitors the opportunity to experience one of the last remaining wildernesses of the world by racing to the very top of it at the Magnetic North pole.

Racing in teams of two or three, competitors set off from Resolute in Northern Canada across a terrain of frozen sea ice and arctic tundra. As well as racing against the other teams and dealing with the extremes of environment, competitors are also likely to have to factor polar bears into the game plan, the natural inhabitants of this extreme environment and the most powerful animals on earth.

Race distance:


Calendar :

Race 10th April–15th May 2011

Norway Training 8th-15th January 2011

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North Pole Race Photos

Flying over the High Arctic
Crossing the frozen sea.
The food supply.
Pulks make excellent sledges...
The Frozen North
Uphill struggle.
Team Avilton conquering the North.
The North is a challenging landscape.
Meeting on the Ice.
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