Norway backs Girl Power to beat Brits

Norway backs Girl Power to beat Brits

Teams are already entering for the EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole beginning in December 2011.

And one of the first teams to state their intention to race and to stake their claim to victory is Norwegian all woman trio Girl Power. They’re determined to see a Norwegian victory over the British in a race to the South Pole for what would be an historic third time.

The EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole is to commemorate the race of 1911, in which Amundsen beat Scott by 33 days. A second defeat for the British came in 2009. The South Pole Race became only the second race ever to the pole and it was filmed for BBC’s “On Thin Ice” documentary series. History repeat itself when TV celebrity Ben Fogle and Olympian Jamie Cracknell were narrowly beaten by the Norwegians.

Three Women Aiming For Three In A Row

The members of the Girl Power team of three are:

  • ‘energetic’ project manager Anneli Nesteng, 31
  • experienced climber Marte Gallis, 31
  • outdoor fanatic (and mother of three) Trine Alsgaardand, 41.

They believe their task is to win the race outright – ‘beating the guys’ is a only a secondary issue. Anneli Nesteng says:

‘We’re racing to win and to defend Norwegian Polar History but we’re also going to have fun with the experience. We aim to share our experiences with as many as possible, through film and our own blog’

Extreme World Races MD and race organiser Tony Martin says:

‘The Norwegian men won the 2008/2009 South Pole Race and I think the Girl Power team has every chance to be first to the South Pole in this. It may be the world’s toughest race but women in general – and these women in particular – are well up to the task’

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