2011 Lake Baikal

The world’s first multi discipline race across the world’s biggest and deepest ice lake takes place in Siberia in March 2011.

Based on the highly successful North and South Pole Races, the race will offer two categories of racing, sprint or marathon and classes will include the world’s most exciting emerging sport KiteSki. Baikal will be the first wind assisted competitive stage rage and competitors will be able to race head to head in KiteSki ® and WingSki® categories or in the traditional Pulk Ski categories

This is an entirely new category of extreme racing for who want to experience the challenge of racing on ice in Siberia, one of the world’s most beautiful and harshest wildnernesses.

Race distance: Category 1: 249km sprint / Category 2: 609km marathon

Dates: Race 1st-14th March 2011 / Optional training January 15th-22nd 2011

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