We’re marking the 100th Anniversary of the Amundsen-Scott race to the South Pole in the way we know best: with a race of our own. The EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole is a celebration of the achievements of two of the world’s most notable explorers; Britain’s Robert Falcon Scott and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen. Their determination to explore and reach this landmark represents the true spirit of adventure.

Now it’s your turn. Not only can you walk in their giant footsteps but also, in the true spirit of their epic journey, race.

A century on from Scott and Amundsen’s epic duel, the EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole is the toughest endurance race on the planet. Starting from the frozen coastline of Novo, up to 60 competitors will race to be the first to the South Pole. On the way, they’ll negotiate multiple crevasses, cross snow bridges, and climb to 3000m on the high polar plateau. Add to that catabatic winds up to 80mph and temperatures dropping as low as -40C, and you can see why this is the ultimate extreme endurance race. And it’s all set in the stunning landscape of one of the coldest, driest, and highest deserts on earth.

Race Quick Facts

Race distance: 704km
Key dates:

  • Training in Norway from 22nd to 29th January 2011
  • Race from 15th December 2011 to mid February 2012
Race to the South Pole


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South Pole Race Photos

Missing Link: 2009 Sout Pole Race Winners
Crossing the line
Extreme Logistics
Making tracks
Extreme Logistics
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