All competitors will depart from London Heathrow and fly to Cape Town, South Africa. Once there, you will have a few days of preparation before boarding the Russian operated Ilyushin Aircraft (IL-76) for the flight to our base at NOVO.

NOVO is a Russian scientific outpost in the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica. Here you’ll complete final checks on your equipment, sort out food allocations, and prepare your pulks and skis before acclimatisation.

Antarctica is a continent. The highest continent on the planet, in fact. Unlike the High Arctic, the vast plains of Antarctica harbour deadly crevasses beneath its pristine surface. To get there you must navigate the mountains that protect the plains. That’s why acclimatisation is essential if you wish to avoid altitude sickness. Our support team will ease you through the 3000 metre ascent to the base of the plateau.

Race to the South Pole


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Missing Link: 2009 Sout Pole Race Winners
Crossing the line
Extreme Logistics
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Extreme Logistics
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