Centenary Race to the South Pole: Race Leg 1

  • Flight from End of Acclimatization and Crevasse Training to Race Start.
  • On arrival at the start line, all EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole racers will spend a night to prepare, rest and restock their food and fuel supplies for Race Leg 1 from Start to Mid-way Checkpoint.
  • After Race Start, all teams will separate from the training staff and travel alone. Safety teams will be in place for the duration of the race.
  • Race Leg 1 will be approximately 215 nautical miles.

Centenary Race to the South Pole: Race Leg 2

  • On arrival at Mid-way Checkpoint, all teams will fully resupply for final race leg and take an enforced 24 hour stop.
  • From here to the South Pole is approximately 215 nautical miles.
  • Teams are likely to travel more slowly on the second leg of the race. However fir they may be, the altitude, cold, and deeper snow on the plateau is likely to slow them down.
  • Race Leg 2 will be approximately 215 nautical miles.

Centenary Race Finish at the Geographical South Pole

  • Celebrations and well-earned rest at the finish line at the Geographical South Pole.
  • Flight from South Pole to NOVO
  • Rest at NOVO before flying to Cape Town
  • Flight from Cape Town to home.

Centenary Race Timings

Approximate total timings for Training and Race:

  • Faster teams – 30 days
  • Slower teams – 45 days

In both cases, this includes a 24-hour enforced rest period during the race at Mid-Race Checkpoint.

Race to the South Pole


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