Extreme World Races (EWR) provides arguably the world’s most complete Polar training programme, which is included as part of your race entry fee.

This week of intensive classroom, practical and field based training is designed to provide you with the confidence, knowledge, and instinctive survival skills required to survive in the harshest of environments.

The training team comprises Polar specialists from the industry who have explored, conquered, and raced in some of the world’s most hostile environments. The EWR training programme has been developed using the combined knowledge of our instructors to provide you with a world class learning experience.

When you arrive at our training centre in Hjerkinn you are immediately immersed into Polar conditions. The desolate plains within this area of Norway adequately simulate the conditions you will find in Antarctica. Famously, Scott trained at Finse for his Terra Nova Expedition – some 50 miles from our facility.

This week is the catalyst that will change your life. You will be instructed on XC Skiing, tent preparation, packing and handling your pulk, cold weather management and a few

other surprises along the way. In a testing environment that commands respect.

In addition to the training you would receive as a competitor undertaking our Polar Challenge you will receive additional crevasse training. This is essential training and therefore cannot be missed.

Race to the South Pole


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Missing Link: 2009 Sout Pole Race Winners
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Extreme Logistics
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