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Why Google Should Join The Centenary Race To The South Pole

Google announced on September 30th that their Street View service was now active on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

However, this is not Extreme Street View and the Antarctic views are limited to Half Moon Island.

There is a way, of course, that Google could get some true Street View images of the interior and of the South Pole itself: Google should enter a team into the EWR Centenary Race To The South Pole.

So, if anyone from the Google Street View team is listening, get in touch!

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A New Century, A New Race. Same Goal, Same Challenge.

A New Century, A New Race. Same Goal, Same Challenge.

On December 14th 1911, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole. He had beaten the British team led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott by 33 days.

One hundred years later – to the day – the EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole will begin.

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of that epic Antarctic race between Scott and Amundsen, the EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole is organised by Extreme World Races and will see teams from Britain and Norway joined by competitors from around the world. Competitors will have the chance to battle to the Pole and lay claim to the winners’ trophy in the latest incarnation of the toughest endurance race on the planet.

Antarctic Conditions To Test The Toughest Competitor

Between December 2011 and mid February 2012, the competitors will negotiate multiple crevasses, cross snow bridges, and climb to 3000m on the high polar plateau. To make it just a little more arduous, they’ll do all this as they face winds up to 80mph and temperatures as low as -40C in their battle for survival along the 704km route. This is the ultimate extreme endurance race and it’s set in the stunning landscape of one of the coldest, driest, and highest deserts on the planet.

Follow From The Safety Of Your Own Base Hut

Obviously, the next best thing to being there yourself is following closely the competitors who are tackling the challenge first hand.

Each competitor is fitted with a tracking device and they will check in via regular live satellite phone calls. The progress of all participating teams will be updated hourly on the EWR website.

After the race is run (and won), a documentary will be aired on TV. (The  actual transmission date is yet to be confirmed, so keep checking back. We hope to announce dates for transmission in early 2011.)

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