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Understanding The Mind

Understanding The Mind

We’ve invited John Campbell, author of “The Secret of Intimate Relationships’, to contribute a weekly guest post to the EWR site. John is a recognised expert in using advanced mind techniques to influence outcomes. He’s also coaching EWR’s very own Frank Runge ahead of Frank’s participation in the EWR Centenary Race to the South Pole.

Most people engaged in any kind of endurance activities or professional sports have some understanding of the power of their minds and the impact the mind can have on their performance.

Few, however, are truly aware just how powerful their thought patterns are at every given moment and how crucial it is to master control of these thoughts if they are to achieve the outcomes they desire.

There is no such thing as an idle thought or, for that matter, an idle word. Every thought we think and every word we speak has a powerful impact on our actions and the actions of those with whom we interact.

Mind guru John CampbellThoughts Become Outcomes

These principles are not simply my personal take on things. They are actually Universal Laws – no different to the Law of Gravity – and the most pertinent law we need to understand fully if we are to harness the power within us is The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction, in its most simplified form, states ‘that which is liken to itself is drawn’. This translates as ‘what you focus on is what you will attract into your life’. In the coming weeks, I’ll use my guest posts here to explore how we can use this knowledge and a deeper understanding of these principles to enhance our performance in every area of our lives.

I will invite you to practice simple exercises. To start with, these will help you raise your awareness of the language you use. We’ll start with our language because our words are audible and, therefore, more easily monitored. Once we are aware of our spoken words and begin to change them to our advantage, we can then move on to our silent thoughts – which are the most powerful tools we have in our make up.

I’m sure you’ll agree that, if we were able to harness 30%+ more energy, the likelihood of improving our performance in something would increase proportionately. If that seems logical, you can see that it would be an advantage to know how we can tap into this extra energy.

Focus The Mind

It’s my firm belief that the top achievers in the world today are those who consciously study and commit to training their minds. Not just in their particular field of endeavour but in every moment of their lives. They make these practices their primary focus.

In 2004, I worked for a year with two youth professional football teams of under 18’s and under 17’s, using these principles. The first thing I needed to do was win over their coach, as these principles were totally new to him. This was a professional League club and I saw that these ideas were new and unfamiliar even in areas of professional sports psychology.

By using muscle testing techniques they were able to experience directly how different thoughts impacted their physical energy. Feeling the thoughts make physical changes in their bodies was a great way for them to be convinced of the power of thought and then to learn how to influence their physical responses. At the end of that season, both sides topped their respective division and won their leagues!

Parachute Mind

Extreme environments place extreme pressures on the minds of even the most highly trained and physically conditioned humans. If, however, we were to deepen our understanding of the principle that our thoughts have the ability to alter the molecular structure of our bodies, would that motivate us to commit to taking control of our thoughts?

The people who are best equipped to withstand, and even flourish, in these extreme conditions are those who are prepared to ‘change their mind’. Are you willing to open your mind to some breath-taking new ideas? Remember that the mind is like a parachute – it only works properly when it’s fully open! And if you’re not yet willing, how about just be ‘willing to become willing’? That’s all that’s needed to create positive change.

Thought for the week: ‘If you change the way you see things, the things you see will change.’

I look forward to sharing with you again.
John Campbell
‘Inspiration rather than Motivation’

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