Team Centrepoint

Team competing in: The 2011 Race to the South Pole Race.

Andrew Carnie

Born in Lancashire, I have now lived and worked in London for over 11 years, I’ve spent most of my life pursuing individual and team endeavours as I always like to take on a challenge and push myself both mentally and physically, which is why the south pole race is the ultimate challenge. I am a keen marathon runner having recently completed the marathon world series, as part of my training for the race I will be running the North Pole marathon with team member Ben in April 2010.
I am a huge supporter of the great work that the charity Centrepoint does for under privileged children and I hope to raise a fantastic amount of money for them and be part of the winning team.

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DR Jason A Bolton

Captain Jason Bolton qualified in Medicine in 2001 and after Sandhurst was commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps 2002. He has a specialist interest in expedition and military medicine and since meeting Ranulph Fiennes as a boy, Jason has been inspired to follow a life of outdoor pursuits. Jason graduated through the mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District moving on to learn Alpine skiing whilst at Medical School. Since then he has developed his skiing and has served with the Army in Iraq. After fund raising, he became the pioneer expedition Doctor for Raleigh International in India where he lead and instructed a group of 20 young people, through 250 miles of un-trekked terrain, 150 miles of cycling and 100 miles of kayaking in the Western Ghats. Most recently Jason climbed to Mt Everest base camp and saw for himself the sheer endurance of the human spirit, nearly meeting Ranulph for a second time on his summit attempt.

Jason feels at home in austere environments. He wants to push himself to the limits of endurance – something which he believes can only be achieved through The Amundsen Omega 3 South Pole Race!

Benjamin Boyne

Born in Surrey, i have now lived and worked in London for the last 14 years.  Always one to take on a challenge, i cannot wait to push myself to the ultimate physical and mental test that is the race to the south pole.  A keen marathon runner,  as part of my training for the race, i will be running the north pole marathon with team member Andrew in 2010, and having a passion for skiing, the outdoors and mountains gives me a great reason to spend even more time doing just that in the near future.   I am a big supporter of the great work that the charity centrepoint does for unpriveliged children and i hope to raise a fantastic amount of money for them as hopefully part of a winning team!

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